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Library & Community Room


The library and community room operate within the same space and are open at the same time as the shop.


The Library area was created with the kind support of Lancashire County Council Library Services and we operate under their advice and guidance .


Books are available for loan on an informal basis, all you need to do is take your books to the shop till and present your shop loyalty card enabling us to record each loan made.

We also have a large range of Jigsaws for you to loan

Unfortunately it isn't possible to reserve a book from the LCC Library Database.
We would refer you to the main library in Colne for such services.


All we ask is that you return your books to us within three weeks.
Best of all, it’s an entirely free service, no charges what so ever.


Community Room

Coffee is available from the  Coffee machine in the shop , and comfortable seating makes the community room a perfect place to arrange to meet friends or family in a relaxed, pleasant environment. The community space is also  available for small community groups.

A colour A4 printer is available for anyone to use and will connect to your own laptop or phone using WiFi.
Copies are charged at our standard rate and paid for at the till.

We also have a laptop for general use by the public which can only be used within the library itself.

We do make the library available for students to undertake their homework, but please be aware we have to limit numbers in the Library and that anybody behaving badly will be asked to leave.

Note: There is a maximum of 3 unaccompanied under 18's allowed in the library at any one time

The community room is available for informal drop-in sessions that benefit the community, please email our support worker at providing your contact details and one of our committee will get back to you.

Support worker

Support Worker

Our support worker is here to help you or and of your family's well being. 

Whether its collecting shopping from the community shop , needing a chat or help on a practical issue

Please contact Helen on 07936952620 or email our her at providing your contact details and we will get back to you.

Please note our support worker works from the office in our shop if you just wanted to pop in, but her hours are not the same as the shop. If she is not available please just leave a message or email her

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